SINCE 1961
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1391, rue Des Peupliers
Saint-Valerien (Quebec) J0H 2B0
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450 549-2325
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450 549-2992
  • Gilles Cusson inc. - Fabrication de cylindres de tout genre
  • Gilles Cusson inc. - Fabrication et installation d'unité hydraulique
  • Gilles Cusson inc. - Fabrication et installation d'unité hydraulique II
  • Gilles Cusson inc. - Fabrication et conception de boyaux sur mesure
  • Gilles Cusson inc. - Inventaire de pièces hydraulique exceptionnel
  • Gilles Cusson inc. - Pièces sur contrôle nunérique

Conception and Manufacturing
All-types of Cylinders
Hydraulic Units
Hoses and Adapters
Hydraulic Components

Digital Control Parts
Custom-made, repairs and hydraulic product sales
Gilles Cusson Inc.'s experience and vast expertise guarantee reliable hydraulic products, fast design and delivery, at a price that beats all competition.
We design, custom manufacture your cylinders, hydraulic units and machined parts, regardless of the kind and the size, using superior grade materials. We also offer repair services with high tech quality controls. What is more, our amazing inventory provides you with THE product you can't find anywhere else.
Gilles Cusson inc. - Conception et fabrication hydraulique
Gilles Cusson inc. - Réparation de cylindres, pompes et valves hydraulique
Gilles Cusson inc. - Vente Service de pièces au comptoir hydraulique
Whatever your repair needs,
we are committed to finding a solution for you...

We offer quick and efficient repair services for all your hydraulic system needs. Our qualified technicians provide you with the know-how and specialized equipment you require. We use ultra modern measurement instruments, so we can guarantee the best value for your money.
Take advantage of our production lead times and unbeatable delivery
Because your time is precious, Gilles Cusson Inc. offers quick answers to your hydraulic needs, whatever they are. Our impressive parts inventory and our vast equipment enable us to serve you faster. We offer customizing, repairs and sales of reliable components. You have a problem, let our experts find the ideal solution to it. Guaranteed results.
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