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About us
Gilles Cusson inc. : A story about success

Gilles Cusson started his business in 1961. In his first 1,800-square-foot shop, he did all kinds of welding and hydraulic jobs. In order to meet his customers' requirements, he sold and repaired pumps, valves and hoses. As time went on, his customers urged to him to fabricate hydraulic cylinders. That was the beginning of an exciting adventure that still continues today.

As a response to the various challenges that Gilles Cusson had to meet, he swiftly surrounded himself with a reliable team of workers who shared his goal to satisfy customers. In 1969, his wife, Lise Vincent, joined the company to assist him and to handle the company accounts.

In 1972, due to the constant demand, Gilles Cusson had to go through a first expansion project. Some tractor dealers pushed him to design and fabricate adequate equipment to their specific needs. His business continued to expand.

On March 31, 1976, the flourishing business is incorporated. René Cusson, Gilles's son, joined the family business and acquired valuable knowledge in the business, first from manual work experience and later on from sharing management with his father.

Since his son René showed great interest in hydraulics and due to the lack of space in the shop, Gilles Cusson Inc. expanded for a second time by building a most modern plant in 1979.

The company was not yet over changes and expansions. In fact, 1989 was marked by the most imposing one. The work surface was almost doubled in order to make room for new machining technology and the ever-growing demands for hydraulic cylinders.

In 1991, it became necessary to buy a numeric controlled lathe to mass-produce various parts. Moreover, Guylaine Cabana (René's wife) joined the team to assist her husband and to manage the office. A tremendous challenge for her, since, on the top of assuming her new responsibilities, she had to cope with the implantation of the first computer system at Gilles Cusson Inc.
The end of the millennium was also very important. In 1997, a new building, comprising a machining workshop and a raw material warehouse, was added to the already existing plant in order to divide departments.

In 1998, a fifth expansion was required. All offices, the cafeteria and parts department were redone to accommodate customers and to create a more stimulating work place for the employees. In 1999, a new paint shop was added on.

The beginning of the 2000s was marked by the purchase of all the company's assets by the second generation; M. René Cusson and Mrs Guylaine Cabana became full owners of the business in which they had invested much time and effort to assure its prosperity. We can already see the third generation taking a strong interest in perpetuating the family business.

As time went on, Gilles Cusson Inc. acquired high-tech equipment and reached an unquestionable reputation. This business, located in Saint-Valerien, has about thirty employees working in a modern 25,000-square-foot plant. Gilles Cusson Inc. is now known and renowned for its hydraulic expertise throughout Canada and the United States. A true success story.
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